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> PROTECTED]> CC: freebsd-questions@freebsd.org> Subject: Re: FreeBSD 6.3 Xorg 
> issues> > Hi,> > [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:> > Anyone else having issues 
> getting Xorg working with 6.3? I get a pcidata error when trying to startx. 
> Used to work great on 6.2. Do I have to instal Xorg manually with 6.3? --Joe 
> > > I upgraded by accident to 6.3 and did not even notice any difference.> > 
> I started csup with the intent to patch 6.2 but upgraded the sources to > 
> 6.3, compiled, installed and rebooted without any problems.> > I know, but it 
> happend this way.> > X kept on working.> > Erich
I'm having trouble with a fresh build of 6.3.   When I try to Xorg -configure I 
get an error stating that the module pcidata is missing.   this is independent 
of the hardware I try this on.   I will try to load Xorg manually tonight to 
see if this fixes anything...    
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