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Black History Month

Table of Contents

1. CD Review - Jazzhole: 'Circle Of the Sun' 
2. CD Review: Floetry's Floetic

3. Commentary - I have a few issues with Tom Joyner (part 1)
4. Concert Review - Victor Wooten at the Knitting Factory 1/21/2003
5. Competition in Radio and Concert Industries Act: Good News For Artists and Consumers (Bad News For Clear Channel, Joyner, Hughes and other KNEE-GRO Radio Station Operators)

6. Soul-Patrol.Net Radio - January Top 20  Programs 
7. Soul-Patrollers In The News 
8. Febuary Online Chat Sessions (Ray, Goodman & Brown, Harptones, Black Ivory, Mtume)
9. Soul-Patrol Black History Month Offline Events (DC, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Philly, LA &NYC) 

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--Bob Davis

1. CD Review - Jazzhole: 'Circle Of the Sun'      

JazzholeHow many of yall remember the NYC based group called " JAZZHOLE"? Remember they were pretty hot for a while in the 1990's 'acid jazz' scene, putting out some truly innovative and FUNKY sounds.  Jazzhole have been members of Soul-Patrol for several years now and I am pretty excited to be able to be in a position to tell you all about their SLAMMIN new CD called 'Circle Of the Sun. I've been listening to it over the past few weeks and it's badd! 

Jazzhole has been around for quite a while and has been one of the leaders in putting out some high quality (and FUNKY) music against the current tide of worthless CRAP for the last decade.

Of course the rest of the world now seems to be catching up with the vision of what Jazzhole has been trying to do. I think the mass media now refers to this kind of music as "neo soul"? (screw the label, the music is damn good) However they aren't ready to rest on the accomplishments of the past. Jazzhole has got a BRAND NEW CD called "Circle Of the Sun", which is off the hook and well worth your consideration at this time. Go to the link and check it out and while you are there you can also check out some of the sound clips from the legacy that Jazzhole has been building over the course of the past 10 years. take a listen and let me know what cha think?

(PREDICTION: 2003 will be a GREAT year for NEW music)

--Bob Davis

2. Floetry's "Floetic" (Hype or the Real Deal?)

What kinda hype? If there's any hype surrounding Floetry's "Floetic", I haven't been paying much (if any) attention to it. And, if the "hype" YOU mention comes from, say, airings of music videos on cable, then forget it, since I don't DO cable, man... "Floetic" came to my attention, via word-of-mouth from some other, independent sources whom I trust. But, as always, and in the end, I form my OWN opinions about the music I like, as well as other things in this life. *I* am MY OWN leader (within), with the Lord (Goddess) as CEO (outside of myself)... That's just how it goes, for me. Moving on... What's my opinion? I like this CD, overall :)... As I listen to a lot of the cuts, I find myself wantin' to dance! There IS a groove there that *I* (at least) can feel. Plus, I have been gettin' into the lyrics, as well as the interplay between the spoken word and singing on many of the selections. AND, I don't get offended and/or depressed by the lyrics, either (a BIG thumbs UP!...). IMHO, these sisters have got somethin' goin' on, have a few thangs to say, and *I*, at least, feel it, and see more potential. As far as I can tell, the "floetist" can FLOW, and the "songstress" can SANG, in this duo. "Floetic" (title cut), "Fun", "If I Was A Bird", and "Butterflies" are some of my favorites on that CD, and at the moment. And, I'm sure that you know that Floetry wrote "Butterflies", and Michael Jackson recorded it on his OWN joint, right? Well, *I* like Floetry's version of THEIR own song much better :)... So, that's my opinion. Remember, YOU asked for it, and you GOT it...LOL! What say YOU??

3. Commentary: I have a few issues with Tom Joyner (part 1)      

a. When he comes into a market he forces the stations established morning man OUT! He even did it to his own 'boy' Isaac Hayes.
Tom is going to be the only star and he is not going to deal with another DJ who has a style or following.

b. I also am disheartened at the number of black author's who have written to talk about the shaft of being on Sybil's book club. They pay $1500.00 for the 3 minutes on air. They get there and find out Sybil has not read their book so they must supply notes and then there is no promotion for the event and the author's (unless they are already big names) have no audience for the book club portion.

c. Also, I heard a few years ago there was a story explaining that when you call into the TJ Foundation to donate, $15.00 to HBCU that $7.00 goes to the school and $8.00 goes to the TJ foundation. I'd love to really find out the truth behind that one if anyone can shed some light? The scholarship money TJ passes out over the air is sad. $1500.00. The cabins on his cruise cost more. Go to a local Links, Jack & Jill, Delta, Omega, Alpha, AKA any of their scholarship dinners and they'll be giving out far greater amount than TJ does on a national level. For the money TJ pulls in he should be giving substantial awards.

d. He says his mission is supposed to be keeping old school on the Air. Well, commercial artists with big labels don't need his help but why they are his guests? Look at his guest list. Do you ever see the DELLS? Do you ever hear Ray, Goodman & Brown? What about Billy Paul and TJ always has a Mrs. Jones story. Look at the core of Classic Soul and the artists AREN’T on Tom's show. If you can't buy your way on it isn’t happening. How many times does Luther need to be a guest? But Edwin Starr, Bettye LaVette, King Floyd, and a list of Classic Soul artist all had new CD's released but you won't hear them on TJ's show. Ever hear TJ talk about the inductions into the R&R Hall of Fame. He has a national platform and could champion a few black artists into the hall. But the voice of Black America is silent on those issues. I just think if he is going to wear that title he should truly use his voice where it will best benefit his listener’s IMHO

--Peace & Blessings, Sistah Rib

4. Concert Review: Victor Wooten at the Knitting Factory 1/21/2003  

Victor Wooten

We had an absolutely MAGNIFICENT time at the Victor Wooten Show last Friday here at the Knitting Factory Hollywood...Victor, his brothers and MC Divinity were a musician's delight and certainly the standing room only capacity crowd of approximately 600 thought so as well during the 3 1/2 hour performance which should ensure many more return performances in the future!! Oh Yes!!

AWESOME to say the least and this performance truly put all the pieces in place as we of course saw him with Bela at UCLA several months ago and now we have had the wonderful opportunity to see the extensions of this Great Showman, and the complete band, down to the magic tricks. In between time, we were treated to a fabulous segment with J.D. Blair who sat in on the drums and came to the forefront demonstrating one of the routines he and Victor used to do when he was in the group prior to his current duties with Shania Twain (who Victor also told the audience to look out for JD at the Super Bowl performance). Reggie Wooten is no doubt "The Teacher" and his precision is lighting sharp and colorful. You can tell they had a BLAST coming up together playing real music with the correct chord changes...Most of the material was from the ‘Live In America’ CD with stratospheric Funk, Fusion, Soul and Jazz with plenty of comic relief in between..:-)

The show was simply FANTASTIC and Victor's final note on the war, peace and simply just pulling together as one people, with LOVE, completed the Pure, Live, music excursion...They are at The Coachouse this week in San Juan Capistrano.. again we look forward to their return.. And as Debra, Karl, Bob, Gary and all have said time and time again after seeing their show, the Wooten Brothers should be A MUST for all to see!!

Lastly, it was pleasure to meet and greet the new Los Angeles/West Coast Soul-Patrol Coordinator Vernon Wright  who we look forward to working with in the next couple of months as we emerge from our studio projects...:-)

It's All About the Music..:-)
Lisa Gay

5. Competition in Radio and Concert Industries Act: Good News For Artists and Consumers (Bad News For Clear Channel, Joyner, Hughes and other KNEE-GRO Radio Station Operators)  

I urge you all to please see the details about this legislation at Senator Feingold's website at:

In my opinion this is a good piece of legislation and hopefully it will be ratified by
I know that Black folks aren't supposed to care about stuff like this, but it's when we don't that we usually end up getting SCREWED.
If it this legislation is passed, there will be relief provided to BOTH artists and consumers.
It would ultimately lead to an END to the current MONOPOLISTIC/FASCIST policies currently being employed by KNEE-GRO RADIO STATION OPERATORS (both Black and White).

In my opinion this is an important development and it's RIGHT ON TIME FOR BLACK HISTORY MONTH. My view is that our 'history of our music won't even have a future at all', if the CESSPOOL of modern day KNEE-GRO radio isn't cleaned up.

I would ask ALL Soul-Patrollers to consider doing one or both of the following...

a. If you feel so inclined, feel free to write Senator Feingold at the following email address to tell him that you support this legislation:

b. Forward this email to as many people as you know who care about the past present and
future of OUR culture.

I urge you all to please see the details about this legislation at Senator Feingold's website at:

Thanks In Advance
Bob Davis

6. Soul-Patrol.Net Radio January Top 20  

Here are the most listened to broadcasts currently playing on Soul-Patrol.Net radio. industry,  the year 2002 was indeed a great year for newly released music!  The year 2003 looks to be just as good with the following new releases coming our way in 2003.

1. Supremes Anthology
Click Here To Listen Online

2. Ray Goodman and Brown - A Moment With Friends
Click Here To Listen Online

3. Victor Wooten - Live In America
Click Here To Listen Online

4. Marvin Gaye - What's Going On
Click Here To Listen Online

5. Jackson Five Sampler
Click Here To Listen Online

6. Sonny Boy - Urban Misfit
Click Here To Listen Online

7. Rick James - Street Songs Live
Click Here To Listen Online

8. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - Going To A Go Go/Away We A Go Go
Click Here To Listen Online

9. Soul-Patrol Digest Magazine Overview
Click Here To Listen Online

10. Rare Funk w/Mr. C
Click Here To Listen Online

11. Gary Tyson's Jimi Hendrix Retrospective
Click Here To Listen Online

12. Gary Tyson's Five Stairsteps Retrospective
Click Here To Listen Online

13. Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On
Click Here To Listen Online

14. Original P - Live at the Roxy in Boston (1999)
Click Here To Listen Online

15. Mandrill - Peace and Love
Click Here To Listen Online

16. Will Chill Master of the Slow Jam #1
Click Here To Listen Online

17. Soul Sanctuary - Fertile Ground, Rhythm Republik, Julie Dexter, BlaKbushe
Click Here To Listen Online

18. Soul-Patrol Salutes Isaac Hayes
Click Here To Listen Online

19. Soul-Patrol Jazz - Philip Bailey, Jonathan Butler, Monette Sundler, Leroy Wolford,
D'Ernia, Dale Fildler
Click Here To Listen Online

20. Will Chill Master of the Slow Jam #2
Click Here To Listen Online

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7. Soul-Patrollers In The News

  • Standing in the Shadows of Motown (HIP-O Records and produced by our own Harry Weinger) Has Received Two Grammy Nominations for: 1) Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance and Chaka Khan & The Funk Brothers: "What's Going On". 2) Best Compilation Soundtrack Album For A Motion Picture, TV or Other Visual Media Standing In The Shadows Of Motown The Funk Brothers & Various Artists.
  • Soul-Patrollers, The Mighty, Mighty Dells were recently presented with the keys to the city of their hometown of Harvey, IL, by mayor Nickolas Greaves, in recognition of their 50 years in the entertainment business.
  • Soul-Patroller and legendary Philadelphia Disc Jockey 'Giant' Gene Arnold was recently inducted into the Disco Hall of Fame'. Be sure to check out Giant Gene's History of Disco Part 3 being featured as a part of our Black History Month celebration on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio.

  • Soul/Jazz/Funk music legends Michael Henderson, Billy Paul and Jean Carne will be appearing at Yoshi's in the San Francisco Bay Area july 15-16.

  • Our very own MIGHTY SAM MCCLAIN (the best Soul Singer alive) will be relasing a brand new, independently produced CD entitled: 'ONE MORE BRIDGE TO CROSS'. We have already heard it and it should be on your MUST HAVE LIST for this year. We will be talking quite a bit about this CD and about Mighty Sam throught the year. You can visit his website and listen to some clips and if you like what you hear, we urge you to pre-order the CD directly from the site.

  • I have long been a fan of Jazzhole's blend of jazz/funk/soul. They manage to put out SLAMMIN music that respects the traditions of the past, without sounding 'retro'. Check out Jazzhole's brand new CD 'Circle Of The Sun', at their newly redesigned website at www.jazzhole.com

  • Did yall notice Soul-Patroller JD Blair (from the Victor Wooten Band) playing drums behind Shania Twain during the halftime show at the Super Bowl? Up on that stage he was pretty easy to spot :-)
  • Time To Get Funked Up Los Angeles!!!!  Rio Soul and Slapbak live at B.B. Kings - Universal Citywalk, Saturday Night - February 8th at 9pm and the damage is just $10.00.  Bring your “Starchild Shades” with you.

  • Be sure to check out the new Valentine's Day releases from our friends at HIP-O Records featuring: Gregory Isaacs, Patti LaBelle, Will Downing and Angela Winbush.

  • Look for reviews of new music coming soon from Soul Generation, Jeff Lorber, Etta James, BlaKbushe, Spyro Gyra, Marion Meadows, Joe McBride, Calvin Owens, Queen Esther.

  • Look out Southern California!! Our resident "love man", brotha WILL WHEATON will be bringing his silky voice to the following venues in February:
    - February 7th & 8th Stevie's Creole Café 16911 Ventura Blvd. Encino, Ca.818.528.3500 Showtime 9:00 pm
    - February 14th Valentines Day The Warehouse Restaurant 4499Admiralty Way Marina Del Rey, Ca. 90292 Showtime 9:00 pm
    - February 21th & 22nd Stevie's Creole Café 16911 Ventura Blvd. Encino, Ca. 818 528 3500 Showtime 9:00 pm

  • If you are planning to come to NYC next month for either the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies or the R&B Foundation Pioneer Awards, be sure to drop me an email and let me know.

    If you have a news item, update, etc that you would like to submit to the Soul-Patrol Newsletter, please send them via email to:

    8. Upcoming Online Chat Sessions

    Soul-Patrol.com will be having a special series of online chat sessions, featuring some of our favorite artists, who will join us live in the Soul-Patrol chat room and answer your questions in celebration of Black History Month, stay tuned for email alerts on the chat schedule and other online updates for www.soul-patrol.com .  Here is what we have on tap so far
  • Doo Wop Chat Session/Listening Party with the Harptones (Mr. Raoul Cita) 2/12/2003 at 10 pm est.
  • Classic Soul Chat Session/Listening Party with Black Ivory (Mr. Stuart Bascomb) 2/19/2003 at 10 pm est.
  • Jazz/Funk Chat Session/Listening Party with James Mtume 2/26/2003 at 10 pm est.

  • 9. Upcoming Offline Soul-Patrol Events

    Soul-Patrol will be having a series of offline events celebrating Black History Month during February in Los Angeles (Vernon Wright), Pittsburgh (Kevin Amos), Chicago (Karl Williams), NYC (Cheryl Page), Wahington DC (Zenobia Leviston)<, Tampa (Marsha Thomas) and Philadelphia (Blanche Valentine ).  If you live in these areas feel free to contact the appropriate person via email for more details.  In addition we will be sending all subscribers to this publication a separate email announcement concerning these events, based on the zip code information you have given us.


    Ol' School Night in tha Burg' Soul Patrol Style EVERY Tuesday Night In February!!
    7:00 pm - 12:00 am ( EST )
    Location: Kelly's Pittsburgh/East Liberty

    All you Soul Patrollers in the Tri-state area come on out and join your host DJ Stephan Brodus on tha wheels of steel and the Funkoverlord, Kevin Amos, for an evening of great Classic Selection Of Soul, Funk & Jazz.
    Kelly's is located at 6012 Penn Circle South just above S. Highland and right below the MLK Jr. Busway about half a block. Bring your friends and rock this funky joint on a Tuesday!
    6012 Penn Circle South, East Liberty/Pittsburgh (412) 363-6012

    For further information contact Kevin Amos - Chcago Soul-Patrol Chapter Coordinator


    The Dells & The Temptations
    February 14, 2003
    7:00 pm - 11:00 pm ( EST )
    Location: Baltimore Arena - 201 Baltimore St. - Baltimore, MD

    Valentines Night with the Love Songs of The Dells & Temptations with special guest, Harold Melvin's Bluenotes & The Soft Tones. Wow!!! This show is a must. Ticket Prices are $50, $35 & $27.50 on Sale Now.

    For more information contact Zenobia Leviston - DC/MD/VA Soul-Patrol Chapter Coordinator


    'Jazz: The True Welcome'
    Saturday, Feb. 15th 3 p.m.
    Location: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY

    As part of Black History Month, Soul-Patrol is going to see the film "Jazz: The True Welcome", directed by Ken Burns. This film highlights the music of Louis Armstrong, Chick Webb, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman between 1929 and 1934.

    THIS IS A FREE EVENT!!! Please RSVP a.s.a.p

    Friday, February 21, 2003

    SP'er Luis Bernard, Spoken Word Artist
    Open Mic at 7 pm, Show starts at 9 pm
    Location: Vibe Theory @ 2 Steps Down Restaurant, 240 DeKalb Avenue between (Vanderbilt and Clermont Streets) Brooklyn, NY

    Our fellow SP'er, Luis Bernard, resumed his writing a few months ago and has been really hitting the Open Mic events at different venues. His work has been very well received everywhere he has performed. After only 3 months of performing, Luis was asked to be a featured artist! Luis has now been featured 5 times!!! Soul-Patrol will be out in full force to support Luis as a Spoken Word Artist and to celebrate his Birthday!!
    Vibe Theory is run by Bless and Sadiq Truth and the Show is hosted by Buttafly. This is not to be missed! So come on down to celebrate!!
    Price $8.00
    Reasonably priced Soul-Food and Seafood
    There is limited seating, so you must RSVP A.S.A.P.!!

    For further information contact Cheryl Page- NYC Soul-Patrol Chapter Coordinator


    Monday, February 24, 2003
    7:00 pm - 9:30 pm ( EST )
    Location: TAMPA BAY, FL
    Traditional African Folk Tales, Storytelling And Singing. By Soul-Patrol Own Kwabena Dinizulu. Share The Sprit Of Black Heritage Through This Program Together Is Better With The Entire Family.

    Hillsborough County
    John F. Germany Public Library
    900 North Ashley Dr.
    Tampa, Fl 33602
    For further information contact Marsha Thomas - Tampa Soul-Patrol Chapter Coordinator


    Philly Posse is Jumpin' Blues and Jazz
    Friday, February 21 at 8PM
    Location: Sedgwick Cultural Center 7137 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19119 Phone: 215-248-9229

    Ok Patroller's I have said I'm back and I am in full effect. The city of Brotherly LOVE is sizzling with live performances of some of the hottest unsung talents in the nation.
    And if you wanna do yourself a "flavor" join us for this particular Black History month event on Friday, February 21 at 8PM we'll be viewing a fantastic rare film and jammin to a jazz/blues concert (hey I said Jumpin' Blues and Jazz)
    Prior to the film we will be joining film scholar Larry Richards for a presentation and chat on early jazz and blues (aka soundies) recorded on film. Then we'll be treated to a showing of a rare jazz "soundie" plus the rarely seen film gem "Reet, Petite, and Gone" (1947) starring Louis Jordan. Tickets include a special pre-screening concert by the Eric Wortham Trio. Tickets: $8 in advance (members $7) $10 at the door (members $8).

    For further information contact Blanche Valentine - Philly/NJ Soul-Patrol Chapter Coordinator


    (To Be Announced)
    Vernon Wright - LA Soul-Patrol Chapter Coordinator

  • ---------------------------------------

    (To Be Announced)

    Karl Williams - Chcago Soul-Patrol Chapter Coordinator

    Hopefully you enjoyed this edition of the Soul-Patrol Newsletter.
    We will be back in about two weeks with the next edition, with any email alerts as required.

    If you have any comments, questions, etc feel free to drop me an email and let me know what's on your mind.

    Bob Davis

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