James Harrison wrote:
On Wed, 2008-02-20 at 12:02 -0600, Darryl Hoar wrote:
I am looking to install a CMS system (something like postnuke) and want to
have a blog component.

Anybody have any recommendations ?  If it is in the ports, it would be even


I've been using git  a fair bit; it's fast as all hell. It's what the
linux kernel guys use, though I'm considering moving over to bazaar
because it archives more metadata.

The BSDs traditionally use CVS, so at the very least you know that's
good over long term for a lot of files.

Uhh, CMS != CVS.

The OP needs to give more information. What are the requirements? Is it just a blog and a couple of static pages, and very few users? Go with Wordpress. If you're building a community site or a company site with lots of pages, customers. editors etc? Drupal is great for that. $100.000 government site with customizations galore? Use Plone.

All three are in the ports tree.

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