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> Steven Friedrich wrote:
> >  iStyinncgi n(gm adxi s6k0s ,s evcnoonddess)  rfeomra 
> isnyisntge.m. .pr0o 
> > cess 'syncer' to stop...0 0 done
> > All buffers synced.
> > Uptime: 8m9s
> I don't know if this is relevant.  Anyway, I used to see this error on
> 7.0-RC1, at any rate when using xdm.  I no longer see it on 7.0-RC2.

I see it on my RC2 machine.  It comes and goes on my machine, and isn't
always present on shutdown.  Not running xdm, just a plain vanilla box
with no X.
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