David Kelly wrote:
On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 12:02:25AM -0800, Gary Kline wrote:
Nutshell, I'd like anyone's ideas/experiences with some of these new HP/<<< or whateverbrand>>> printers. I wouldn't *mind* if I
        could scan in text from a techy paper into HTML or PDF or text.
        But mostly, like 99.44%  plain black text.  My old deskjet used
        gs as a filter to print PostScript.  Do we have any such plugin
        support, or are printers still roll-your-own?  [FWIW, I can't
        seem to get CUPS working...  altho it maay be my misssing

Why don't you check http://www.linux-foundation.org/en/OpenPrinting for the most comprehensive information available.

Just couple a comments. I would keep native LPD spooling system instead installing CUPS unless you need to use something like HPLIP drivers. To stay on the same note, you should ask yourself firstly what is printer for. If you are doing intensive black and white document printing like in an academic environment Laser Printers will give you the greatest millage and cost per copy ratio. In that case you should definitely try to buy a printer that speaks Post Script language and avoid any drivers. The mentioned Brother HL series is wonderful. I have just good words for Lexmark Optra series. HP Laser jet above the 1300 do speak full Post Script. Always a good decision. Be careful with HP 1000-1200 they might be problematic as they do not even speak PCL. See above link for the full explanation.

If you are using printing at home and need occasional color printing I would suggest you go with the HP deskjet/officejest or even better with all-in-one device. HPLIP http://hplip.sourceforge.net/ will unlock full functionality of all-in-one devices including scanning via hpaio scanner drivers included in HPLIP.

There are couple Epson all-in-one devices that are fully supported with Gutenprint for the printer driver and sane-backhands for the printing. Something like CX-3800 or similar. Check the SANE web-site for full list. Note that SANE has released new backhands two weeks ago and I am not sure if the FreeBSD port has been updated to 1.19 version.

If you decide that you do NOT need scanner stick with the printer that speak full PCL and which are listed in the foomatic-db or/and ghostscript.

Personally, I have HP laser jet 4L. Speaks PCL and listed in foomatic-db.
I have Office Jet R60 all-in-one speaks PCL and listed in foomatic -db. In order to unlock scanning it has to be attached separately to network as HPLIP doesn't support parallel port devices despite their claims that they do. It does but over the network. Photosmart C5250 all-in-one. This is my wife printer for her photos but is also a scanner and copier. Full functionality unlocked with HPLIP drivers.

I hope that this helps


P. S. You may also check the following couple articles.

How to edit printcap file and use foomatic filter


How to use apsfilter


How to use ghostscript as a input filter and lots of other goodies by our own Ted


How to set up HPLIP on FreeBSD

Note that the Handbook is more than enough to set up Post Script printer. You may also want to read man pages
for printcap. Nice info.
If you

I have been pleased with my purchase of a Brother HL-5250DN several years
ago. Was $250 at the time, usually can be found on sale now for under
$200. Refurbished HL-5240's under $100.

This is a 30 ppm (rated) laser with ethernet, USB, HPL-6 and Brother's
Postscript-3 clone. Also prints duplex. 3rd party toner refills are $20
for roughly 7,000 pages. Drum is rated at 25,000 pages. If it doesn't
last that long a new or refurbished printer is cheaper than a
replacement drum.

Have fond memories of old HP-4000N, HP-4050N, and HP-5000N printers but
nothing used was available as inexpensive as the Brother was. The
Brother is better suited for my uses as its very quick to warm up from
sleep, maybe as fast as my DJ-990.

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