Louis LeBlanc wrote:
On 02/09/03 02:53 PM, Per olof Ljungmark sat at the `puter and typed:

Dear all,

FreeBSD 4.6.2-p4+postfix 1.11+SA 2.44+Razor-agents 2.22

Nobody at razor-users or SA-Talk seems to know so I thought I give
it a try here.

I have a problem understanding how to configure the razor-agent.log.
On two mail servers running FreeBSD 4.6.2 and OpenBSD 3.2 I
experience same issue: razor-agent.log stops logging for some reason
(probably me). Razor is called from Spamassassin.

Everything else works fine, SA, Razor2 checks, postfix etc. are all
without a problem but razor-agent.log is completely empty even if
Razor does what it should.

Permissions are checked ok Paths are checked ok I have read all the
applicable man pages I ran razor-admin with applicable options
razor-agent.conf seems ok with correct log settings There are no
errors generated anywhere Razorhome is properly configured

SA is 2.44, but have seen same behaviour with 2.41 and 2.43 Razor
2.22 from 2.20, same thing

I have simply ran out of options here, could somebody offer a clue
on where to start?

I have been trying to resort my mail configuration to include
spamassassin, running from procmail as the recipient to allow per-user
whitelists and blacklists.  So I've been hitting razor around the
perimiter myself.  The logfile location is one I haven't quite been
able to get locked down either, but check ~/.razor/ and see if it
shows up there.

No, it's not there, in fact it is nowhere. <razor-home> is in /var/spool/filter/.razor/ where everything else *except* the log (which is clearly defined in razor-agent.conf) shows up proper. It used to work, then vanished, then after running razor-admin it came back only to dissappear again, and I'm clueless :-(

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