answer but there is one thing that is still a puzzle.

I have a pipe configured as:

ipfw pipe 2 config bw 768Kbit/s queue 20Kbytes

When I use `ipfw -s 4 pipe 2 show, one bucket is shown:

00002: 768.000 Kbit/s    0 ms  20 KB 1 queues (1 buckets) droptail
   mask: 0x00 0x00000000/0x0000 -> 0x00000000/0x0000
BKT Prot ___Source IP/port____ ____Dest. IP/port____ Tot_pkt/bytes Pkt/Byte Drp
 0 tcp     12.###.##.77/80      88.###.##.175/2200  10565  8421549  0    0 103

I understand that there is only one bucket but how are the source and
destination ip addresses and ports chosen to be displayed from all that are

yes. use queues through this pipe for implementing smart traffic control (best of a kind i must say).

While I'm at it this pipe has a 768 Kbps bw limit and is currently running at

what kind of traffic is it? single or lots of tcp connections? looks like a single connection

less than 250 Kbps.  Why are packets still being dropped at the rate of about
1%, fairly consistently?

turn off the pipe and check the traffic again. it looks like your pipe is setup correctly.

are other rules ok?
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