On 02/09/03 10:05 AM, Matthew Emmerton sat at the `puter and typed:
> > > <SNIP>
> > >
> > No, it's not there, in fact it is nowhere. <razor-home> is in
> > /var/spool/filter/.razor/ where everything else *except* the log (which
> > is clearly defined in razor-agent.conf) shows up proper. It used to
> > work, then vanished, then after running razor-admin it came back only to
> > dissappear again, and I'm clueless :-(
> On my SA/Razor machine, every user who gets mail has a .razor directory in
> their home directory (ie, /home/matt/.razor).  There is no Razor "global"
> log file on my machine.

Sounds like you are running SA as the mail recipient.  What's your

I'm running sendmail (8.12.3), procmail (3.22_1), Cyrus Imap (2.0.17),
and I'm trying to squeeze SA in there to run as the recipient UID.

My system is only handling mail for 3 users, and should not be
relaying, except for users to the outgoing relay (authenticated)

Currently all this works, but I can't get SA running as the recipient
UID.  It insists on using a global whitelist and blacklist, which is
not what I want.  I'm using procmail as a mail filter (with the -m
switch).  The -d switch seems to break everything.

Any pointers are more than welcome.
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