Louis LeBlanc wrote:
No, it's not there, in fact it is nowhere. <razor-home> is in /var/spool/filter/.razor/ where everything else *except* the log (which is clearly defined in razor-agent.conf) shows up proper. It used to work, then vanished, then after running razor-admin it came back only to dissappear again, and I'm clueless :-(

What do you have in razor-agent.conf for the log filename?  It
defaults to 'razor-agent.conf', with no path.  I changed this to
/var/log/razor-agent.log and that's where it shows up now.  Keep in
mind, though, that you will be running on the config of the latest
user you ran razor-admin as.  If you did it as root, look in
/root/.razor/ for the config.  If it's not there, copy the good one
you have from /usr/local/etc/razor/ into it - until you can get it
sorted at least.
This is one of two smtp-relay servers we use so there are no local users. I have tried both with and without the full path in razor-agent.conf but it makes no difference. Using /var/log/razor-agent.log would not work because /var/log is not writable by the "filter" user. "filter" is the user that SA/Razor runs under with /var/spool/filter as home.

Even more curious, the other server is OpenBSD and it exhibits identical behaviour.

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