Le Thu 21/02/2008, Peter Harrison disait
> I've not run a POP3 server before, but now I'm getting tired of confusing 
> myself pulling my email down from my ISP across my laptop, desktop, and home 
> server. Could someone recommend a solution for me?
> The situation is that I have a home server (running NFS, Samba, FTP, Apache, 
> Mysql), plus a desktop and laptop (which generally gets used just around the 
> house). The desktop and laptop both run fetchmail to collect my email from my 
> ISP - but obviously this means some of my email ends up on the laptop, and 
> some on the desktop.
> I'm after something like using fetchmail on the server to collect the mail, 
> then probably sort it with procmail before making it available to my home 
> network. The aim is for the mail to remain on the home server - Ie. In one 
> central location on my network.
> Any recommendations for a POP3 server that would fit into a home network and 
> make this easy to understand for the newbie?
> Thanks for your help.

I'd rather use an IMAP server on the central server : imap is made for keeping
the mailboxes centrally and consulting them remotely. Thus your mail stays on
the servers, but you can treat it from your laptop as well.

I have a similar setting, with courier imap, and procmail delivering to the
underlying maildir. But when I find time I'll investigate maildrop as mail
delivery agent with filtering capabilities.

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