On 02/21/2008 15:55, Peter Harrison wrote:
> I've not run a POP3 server before, but now I'm getting tired of confusing 
> myself pulling my email down from my ISP across my laptop, desktop, and home 
> server. Could someone recommend a solution for me?
> The situation is that I have a home server (running NFS, Samba, FTP, Apache, 
> Mysql), plus a desktop and laptop (which generally gets used just around the 
> house). The desktop and laptop both run fetchmail to collect my email from my 
> ISP - but obviously this means some of my email ends up on the laptop, and 
> some on the desktop.

IMHO... You don't need to run your own mailserver to solve this.  Simply
have one of your machines only download the mail.  Have the other,
download and *remove* the mail from the server.

Or possibly, have them both only remove mail that is older than x-days
from the server.  This will allow you to get the mail onto both
machines, assuming you use each machine within the given time.

> I'm after something like using fetchmail on the server to collect the mail, 
> then probably sort it with procmail before making it available to my home 
> network. The aim is for the mail to remain on the home server - Ie. In one 
> central location on my network.
> Any recommendations for a POP3 server that would fit into a home network and 
> make this easy to understand for the newbie?

If you must use one... I'm not sure it gets any easier than qpopper.

> Thanks for your help.
> Peter Harrison
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