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> Hello all,
> How do delete the slice that is occupying /usr and use that free space to 
> extend /var? I read the man pages and growfs is the way but how do I exactly 
> do it?

Did you really put your partitions on separate slices? If so, you've
made more work for yourself.

Growfs just grows the file system in a partition to use extra
space. You've got to add the space to the partition yourself. So this
can only work if the "spare" partition immediately follows the
partition that is going to grow.

Normally, what you would have to do to do that is use the "disklabel
-e" to remove the spare partition and change the size of the old
partition to include the new one.

If you've put your partitions on separate slices, you have to use
fdisk to remove the spare slice and add the space to the slice that is
going to grow before you use disklabel on the partitions.

After you've done that step, or those two steps, you can use growfs on
the partition to make it use the extra space.  Be sure and back up
/var before trying this.


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