disclaimer: i am a freebsd newbie. although i have installed and used 
linux in the past, and work daily on unix at work, i have little 
sysadmin experience.

although in the manual it mentions that ports such as kermit cannot be 
included on the cd, it seems that ports which i think should be on the 
cd still end up with an attempt to access the net (which i am not yet 
hooked up to, having decided to try simpler things first).

more specifically, i have freebsd 4.7, the 4-cd set, and i am trying to 
install xmms. i noticed that through the sysinstall, xcdplayer is 
offered, yet even for this one, if i go to /usr/ports/audio/xcdplayer
[whatever version] (i am mailing this from win2k, as i am not yet up to 
speed in freebsd enough to mail from there), it still looks first on 
some ftp sites, and completely ignores my cd. i have mounted my first 
cdrom drive, and can see the files through the /cdrom link, yet the 
ports installation (go to dir, type "make" or "make install") ignores 
the existence of it completely, and i cannot figure out what i have done 

i kinda fumbled my way through the installation, using the handbook, 2nd 
edition, which i purchased, but there is still the possibility that i 
installed my ports collection somehow wrong. i tried to rectify this 
possibility by reinstalling it, but the result is the same.

can anyone give me a pointer?

thanks in advance,


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