2. Outputs chunks in specified directory. You can configure it to write 
directly to tape, but it's not the best solution.
3. Can be configured to write only N chunks and after that wait for SIGUSR1 to 
write next.
4. Can be configured to write MD5-digest of every piece in separate file.

I use it to make 45Gb backup on the DVD's every week at Friday. It takes 
approximatelly 30 minutes of my time and 6 hours of real time (i need to 
replace DVD's and write labels on them). It takes 12 DVD's and cost 6$.

If you tapes is not very huge (< 4Gb) you will be better to use DVD's. Write 
once DVD is available ~0.5$ is you bought 100 at once.
DVD is more reliable then tapes, and you can just put old backups on the shelf 
for long storage.
For daily delta-backups you can use few DVD-RW.

i have 100GB tape drive. thanks for your program!
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