I'm having serious trouble with setting up FreeBSD 5.0-Release on a
Compaq Evo 610c-notebook.

First of all, here's my configuration:

Compaq Evo 610c notebook - ROM family 68P4F
System-Bios: 1/17/2003 (latest available)
HD: 40GB
Display: 1400x1050
NIC: Intel Pro/100 builtin
Modem: Lucent internal modem,
Synaptics touchpad and pointstick
Graphics: ATI Radeon Mobility 7500 AGP(LW) 32MB
      Bios 6.0.0 VR006.004.006.008-001.001.001
      350MHz DAC

Now for the problem:

I run FreeBSD-setup from a CD obtained from the ISO-image (5.0-RELEASE). 
Upon booting the system runs into a
loop like the following:

First of all the "acpi.ko" ist loaded
Then after some messages I see
acpi_cpu: CPU throttling enabled, 8 steps from 100% to 12.5%
acpi_tz0: WARNING - current temperature (1331362.0C) exceeds system limits
followed by
ACPI-1287 *** Error: Method execution failed, AE_AML_NO_RETURN_VALUE
with the latter one repeated dozen of times

The system seems to run into a loop with the messages "acpi_tz0..."
and "ACPI-1287..." repeated forever. The only way to "cure" the
problem is to completely turn off power!

I don't even come to the point where the system starts up in order to
install something... :-(

So here are my questions:

1) Has anybody else seen this before?

2) What can I do against it? (I *really* want to have FreeBSD running
   on that box - "going back to Windoze" is no option for me)

3) To me it looks like ACPI doesn't work - any ways to turn it of in
   the FreeBSD-installation? (no way to turn it of in the system BIOS -
   I've already checked this)

TIA for your help,

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