Antoine Jacoutot wrote:
Hi !

I wanted to know if someone could help me speed up NFS transfers with FreeBSD-4.7-STABLE.
With Linux clients+server, the transfers are exactly twice faster than with freeBSD, so I am sure I must have screwed the configuration somewhere.
Here are the options used for mounting:

And here is the server's rc.conf:
nfs_server_flags="-h -u -t -n 4"
Search the archives ... I seem to remember this being discussed in great
depth a few years ago.

You may be able to increase the -r and -w sizes to improve things.

My understanding is: you should use UDP mounts if the servers are close
together (i.e., one hub/switch between them, low latency) but use TCP
mounts if they are far apart (i.e. many hops, high latency, lots of
dropped packets).  I don't know if specifying both -u and -t hurts

But definately search the archives, there was a LOT more useful information
in the previous discussion.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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