I've set my hdd to
"Cable Select in upper 32GB
(capacity > 32 GB)" at the moment.
I'll try
"Master with limit capacity in upper 32GB
(capacity > 32 GB)" next, brb.

Nathan Kinkade wrote:
On Sun, Feb 09, 2003 at 08:45:49PM +0100, lars wrote:

Hi all,

When I want to install FreeBSD 4.7
on a 120gb Samsung Spinpoint hdd,
on a Asus p4t533 motherboard (Intel 850e),
only 32 gb are recognised by the installer.

Any help would be appreciated,

Could it be a jumper setting issue?  See

I wonder if this is some sort hack so that the drive might work with
old broken Windows boxes that might not support more than 32GB.


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