Alphons "Fonz" van Werven wrote:
Dominic Fandrey wrote:

I suggest you simply label it (using a windows machine I suppose) and use the GEOM label as a fixed mountpoint. This would show up as /dev/msdosfs/mp3player.

Sounds like a very good suggestion. If you have several such devices, e.g.
MP3 players, USB sticks, cardreaders, ZIP disks (anyone remember those?)
etc., this would be an easy way to manage them consistently.

I never bothered with automounting though, so I couldn't comment on that.


I don't care about automounting either. But I find GEOM labels really useful. I use them to be able to juggle my hard disks and be able to boot my systems, no matter the device number or type (e.g. ata or usb). I start every label with a unique identifier for the disk it's on. This way I can easily create rules in my devfs.rules that allow user mounts, but protect the system partitions:

add path 'ufs/*'        mode 0660 group operator
add path 'ufs/2*'       mode 0600
add path 'label/*'      mode 0660 group operator
add path 'label/2*'     mode 0600

2 is the identifier for the disk I'm using (one day I'll have to use 2 digits and relabel everything... when that time has come I'll just switch to 3 digit numbering). So all members of operator have full access to ufs partitions, execept for the one the system resides on. The label type is for swap devices. It's what appears when 'glabel create' is used instead of filesystem native labels. Since swap devices don't have native labeling they end up there.
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