On 2008-02-26 22:53, Ted Mittelstaedt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
>>On 2008-02-26 11:33, Daniel Jennings <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Recently I was told that 2wire dsl gateways http://www.2wire.com use
>>> a variant of rt FreeBSD.
>> The FreeBSD license allows reuse of the source code.  In fact, this
>> is one of the stated goals of the project.  `To provide a modern UNIX
>> system, with no strings attached.'
>> > If this is true are they required to make the source code available
>> > to the public? And if so how does one go about getting the GPL
>> > source
>> Not necessarily.  Depending on how meticulous they have been in their
>> efforts to properly compartmentalize their own stuff, the BSD license
>> allows commercial reuse of the source code.
> The BSD license allows commercial reuse of the code with no
> requirement to disclose modifications, and no requirement to
> "compartmentalize"
> The GPL license is what your probably thinking on the
> "compartmentalize" thing, and the GPL zealots modify the GPL on a
> regular basis to make whatever "compartmentalization" schemes that
> people work out, impossible.
> Pretty soon the GPL will be claiming that programs that exec() GPL
> programs are required to be licensed under GPL!!!!

Hi Ted :)

That's stretching it a bit, but I know where the you are coming from.

There's a very good way of removing the limits this sort of thing can
make possible: `Develop BSD code'.  I'm sure you know that, so this is
more for the random thread reader.  The best way to improve BSD is not
to `fight' the GPL but to embrace the BDSL and, well, sit down and write
something that extends and improves BSD :)

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