On Sun, Feb 09, 2003 at 04:00:25PM +0100, Per Nilsson wrote:
> Hi, I`m about doing a small documentation of FreeBSD configuring and small
> tip on applications and so on.. So this is mine question for you.. I have
> search everywhere for a list about all Character Sets in FreeBSD, but I
> cant find it. I wonder if you could mail me a list with all the Character
> sets.. I mean, like Swedish, having sv_SE.ISO_8859-1.. and so.. if you
> have some kind of list of all (finland, denmark, spain.. etc etc etc) I
> would be greatful as hell..?!
> I have one qustion more.. If i would wanna have an MX record from your`e
> FreeBSD.org to an host of mine.. let`s put it this way.. is it possible
> that I could get mlg.FreeBSD.org (MX record (10)) pinted to an host like
> sparbanken.org? so I could have mlg.FreeBSD.org mailbox on one of mine
> computers?
> Please get me the list anyway. I should be thankful as hell for that..
> // Per Nilsson

For locales, a good place to start would be to browse around in

Don't know, but I seriously doubt that you'll get your DNS amitions met.


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