Daniela wrote:
On Sunday 09 February 2003 19:15, Mike Meyer wrote:

You can get everything to build with debug symbols by adding
"CFLAGS=-g" to /etc/make.conf. However, the system will strip the
binaries when it installs them. You could probably get the
non-stripped version installed if you really wanted to, but I'd
recommend not doing that, and just using the version in /usr/obj,
which shouldn't be stripped, for debugging.
Why shouldn't I do this? Is it just because debug binaries are bigger or run slower? If so, that's not a problem for me, I have a fast processor and a lot of memory.
I guess if you don't mind them eating up RAM, then go ahead.  Keep in mind
that it can easily be 5x the amount of RAM a stripped binary uses.

Segmentation faults are pretty rare on all my systems, unless it's
code that is under active development. Are you sure it's not flaky
hardware? Note that not having problems under another OS is *not* a
sign that the hardware isn't flaky.
I have always suspected the hardware because on my old computer, everything worked. But how do I see what the problem really is?
Look at memtest and cpuburn in the ports, they should help you isolate the

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