On Feb 27, 2008, at 10:29 AM, Ofloo wrote:
I'm putting this under freebsd because there is no forum for sendmail, and it
does concern freebsd as well.

Well, there's comp.mail.sendmail on Usenet.

My problem is this, when i set quota in /var/mail directory to each user and this user creates a cronjob, that doesn't forward all data to /dev/ null, and
keeps on generating mail, ..

Well after a while the mail file reaches it's quota and sendmail isn't
allowed to write to that file anymore, so it will start and fill the mailq,

What you've described seems to be normal system operation. Solutions include people fixing their cron jobs, having people actually read and delete their emails before they fill their allocated quota, or spending more admin cycles cleaning up when you notice someone getting to this problem condition. I suppose you could also get more disk space for /var...


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