On Sun, Feb 09, 2003 at 01:20:52AM -0500, northern snowfall wrote:
> >well, i put my drive on the sym controller (since it's not seeing my aic7x
> >chips) and now when i starts downloading and extracting the binary sets it
> >stops and says there's no space. this is obviously wrong, since just before
> >that it does a newfs on an almost 9gig slice.
> >
> >has anyone else had this problem? this is on my alpha.
> >
> >also, only certain sites work from the installer. they work fine using
> >ncftp, but most others hang while "looking up...".
> >
> I've also had this problem. Instead of installing into the mounted 
> target drive the
> installer attempts to fill up /, which is just mfs. I have newfs bug is, 
> but, I've had
> the same occurance. However, it doesn't seem to *do* anything... As far 

i just tried it w/o running newfs, and it still complains about / being
full. it properly extracts the basic stuff to /mnt, but like you said, then
tries to extract the sets to the mfs root.

hasn't anyone else noticed this major bug? how in the world is anyone
installing 5.0?

> as the
> "look up" hang: this occurs due to mishandled interrupts in the network 
> controller.
> I don't think its driver specific. Once I installed a PCI device and 

at least it seems to work every other time.

> configured the
> IRQ to use a non-shared interrupt, the installer was A-OK. I used a Kingston

there's definetly no irq sharing on this alpha. my card is an 8139.

> KNE111TX/100B.
> The base system is a 400mhz Xeon Intel CPU with 128MB RAM. ATA0.0 has a
> 6449 MB WD. ATA1.0 has a LITE-ON CD. The only other card on the motherboard
> is an Intel i740 AGP. The motherboard is an Intel 440BX AGPset GA-6BXC.


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