Yea I saw how openssl was updated and a ton of other things as well..

this is a new box w/o much on it.. so it's a good test.

(going to try portmaster on this box as well.. )

portmaster -fa (iirc)

On Feb 28, 2008, at 12:58 PM, Schiz0 wrote:

On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 12:52 PM, Lowell Gilbert
Dominic Fandrey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

B. Cook wrote:
Hello All,

I was going to try and update a box from 6.3 to 7 via buildworld all
32 bit, nothing 64.

Assuming it should be done like this:

make buildworld
make buildkernel
mergemaster -p
make installkernel
(startup on 7 kernel)
make installworld
mergemaster (do full mergemaster)
make installworld

(make sure all is working in 7 then do it all again; just to be sure)
make buildworld
make buildkernel
make installkernel
make installworld

Sound about right? or too redundant?

Thanks in advance.

The doing it all again part might bring some very slight performance
improvements due to the compiler change.

It *shouldn't* make any difference; buildworld bootstraps its own
compiler as one of the first things it does.

None of the steps really need to be done more than once.  The
redundancy as described isn't harmful, either.

You also have to recompile all your ports due to a major change in how
the ports work.

portupgrade -f -a

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