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First am new using freebsd and would like help getting the printer configured. After installing and staarting CUPS. When I go to SETTINGS > Peripherals > printers I get:
That is not the way to configure printer on vanilla FreeBSD. If you want to use something like that
install PC-BSD or DesktopBSD.

To install the printer  do the  following
1. Alter permission on the device nodes  chmod  0660  /dev/ulpt0

2. chgrp cupsd /dev/ulpt0

3. Add yourself to cupsd group by editing file /etc/groups

4. Move the commands of the native lpd printing system so that you can use CUPS commands
mv /usr/bin/lp          /usr/bin/lp.bak
mv /usr/bin/lpr         /usr/bin/lpr.bak
mv /usr/bin/lpq         /usr/bin/lpq.bak
mv /usr/bin/lprm      /usr/bin/lprm.bak

4. Restart cupsd for instance by adding cupsd_enable="YES" into your /etc/rc.conf at the same time
disable lpd daemon by adding lpd_enable="NO"

5. Reboot

6. Point the web-browser to http://localhost:631 to add the printer


1. Your printer is using foo2zjs reversed engineered driver which you must compile from ports. People have reported mixed results with the driver! You have to compile the driver before you start adding the printer.

2. You might need to disable your firewall or at least port 631 which is used by Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)
which is in turned used by CUPS.

Unable to retrieve the printer list. Error message received from manager:
Connection to CUPS server failed. Check that the CUPS server is correctly installed and running. Error: localhost: read failed (14). If I use LPR/LPRng things seem to be going well until I get to the screen asking for URI: I have no clue as to what it is asking for.


Bob Falanga
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