you are definitely not right.

No, he IS right.  The issue is that while the mail RFC's
don't require rDNS, there are a -few- rather stupid
anti-spam filters out there that do.

As long as you (or one of your users) is not e-mailing to
someone on one of these mailservers your fine.

there are few serwers using rather stupid anti-spams. and they treat it as spam. then user complain that mail doesn't get to the receiver.

then i look at logs and paste a fragment about when and why mail wasn't received, or (more often) was received by target server.

the next question is for target server's administrator. that are normal rules.

not that someone use crap as anti-spam, and i (or you or else) then needs to avoid being treated as spam.

this is normal procedure and normal rules, and not reverse.

what mail server admin should do is to receive incoming mail and make sure it will go where is should. not install some stupid program and be happy.

even more - quite often mail from my servers, these having reverse DNS mappings etc.. are treated as spams. most often by large sh..s like gmail, hotmail, <lit of polish similar things>, etc... which has spam policy as below:

- everything that comes from us or our friends are mail
- everything else is probably spam, if it not, don't care.

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