Howdy all,      
        I have a Toshiba Tecra 8000 laptop that I had installed 4.7-release on
awhile ago using just the kernel and mfsroot floppies and then getting
everything else via ftp.
        Well, I decided to start all over on this system, only with
5.0-release.  I actually made the mini-inst cd, but I booted from the
floppies because my cd drive won't boot CDR discs.  
        I noticed that it didn't seem to give me the option to configure the
kernel like it did on 4.7, so I just went ahead with a standard
install.  However, it gave the following errors trying to mount the cd.

Error mounting /dev/ac0 on /dist: Operation not supported by device (19)

        I'm pretty sure the drive is operational and I know the cd is good
because I can mount it on another machine (which I did to make the
floppies).  Anyway, so then I decided to install via ftp (as I had just
done with the 4.7 floppies a few months ago).  However, when I booted
with the 4.7 floppies, it asked me if I wanted to configure the pc cards
(I set usable memory and such).  This didn't happen with 5.0, but I
could watch on the boot of the floppies and see dmesg output for pccard0
and see the LEDs go solid for my linksys 10/100 card.
        But, when I go to select the FTP site, I only see sl0 and ppp0
devices.  Nothing for my ethernet card.  
        I'm sure I've done something foolish, so any advice is appreciated.



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