Alexander wrote:

Recently I'm running out of swapspace.
Is there something that I can do to increase my swapspace ?
The best will be to take some space from partition
like the one for /var and add it to the swap.
Is this possible ?
I want to ask before trying it, the machine is important.

Hi Alex,

it would be nice if you'd include some more details about your machine and your configuration, eg. how much ram do you have, the output of mount, the size(s) of your currently used swap areas, etc.

Usually it's a good thing start reading the man page of swapon(8). AFAIK it's simply possible creating a file using dd(1) which is sized to the wanted swap space to add, load it to a device using mdconfig(8) and activate it using swapon <md?>.

You may automate it on reboots modifying your /etc/rc.local

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