Grammas, August wrote:
 Rel: FreeBSD 6.2

Summary: I am unable to get either
                 telnet or rlogin to function

 Details: To several of my PCs, that had been running 4.11,

             I have installed release 6.2.

             To the rc.conf, which was used for 4.11, I added:








Don't believe any of these are relevant to your stated problem.

              To hosts.allow, I added:

                 rpcbind | ALL | allow

Again, I don't think this is relevant to your stated problem.

try adding:

                  telnetd: whatever : ALLOW

Note the use of ':' - I have no idea whether the wrappers will
allow you to use '|'.

As a general matter, service: ALL : ALLOW is very bad if your
machine is connected to the internet.  You really do want
your allow statements to be in the form:

service: exact list of machines or networks that should be allowed :ALLOW

Now then ... one last thing: DON'T USE TELENT AND RLOGIN - get out of
the habit of using them even on local networks.  They are painfully bad
security holes.  Learn to use ssh instead.

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