growfs can expand UFS filesystem. worked for me with normal partitions, if you use geli with sector size != 512 bytes, it won't, but i've patched it for that. still - it's buggy.

but really don't assume it won't screw up your filesystem...

if you like to try do:

a)unmount this fs
b) fsck it to make sure
clear up new space with zeroes (yes, it will make it easier to survive after growfs)

use dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/yourpartition bs=1m seek=oldsizeinmegabytes

(to obtain size, use dumpfs read blocks data, divide by 2048 to get into megs, round result up)

run growfs
fsck this again with -y option, preferably on screen as you'll get megabytes of error messages about screwed up inodes (growfs doesn't properly initialize new ones, used ones are ok)

data will survive, i had a success just my root directory got destroyed, and all subdirs and files went into lost+found).
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