Kevin Kinsey wrote:

Been bashing myself on the head for a few days, so I'm
looking for a little help.  If you've a big stick, read
on (and apologies if poor formatting, I'm using an unfamiliar
keyboard, unfamiliar mailer, and I'm not even sure if this
system is running FreeBSD anymore :-D   )

I get the following from uname -a:

Sat Jun  2 09:22:50 CDT 2007  [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
/usr/obj/backup/src/sys/GENERIC  i386

However, I rebuilt world, more or less without issues,
twice in February with "RELENG_6" in the supfile.  This
didn't change uname's output, and that worried me a bit.

So, to make matters bette^H^H^H^Hadder, I csup'ped
to RELENG_7_0 the day after it was release, read
/usr/src/UPDATING, and the webpage detailing the
upgrade, and did another buildworld/kernel cycle.
Now I have no idea if I'm on 6 or 7 (seems like
7, but many ports issues, and I've rebuilt them
all), and it's just becoming a major PITA.

You didnt succeed in installing the new kernel. 'make installkernel' is the step in which this occurs.


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