minor correction/addition to previous post:

instead of "infinitely recursive", i should've
said that it would break things if "script"
re-exec's the same file with a
different interpreter.


>       #!/bin/sh
>       . script

this won't work if "script" is going to do something
before exec'ing the file itself.  it will end up
being infinitely recursive.  and similarly for
the following:

> > #!/bin/sh -n script     this is currently not ok
>                           but why shouldn't it be?
>       #!/bin/sh
>       exec /bin/sh -n script
> > #!/bin/sh script 1 2    this is ok with FBSD and RH Linux,
> >                         but not ok in a few implementations,
> >                         but why shouldn't it be?
>       #!/bin/sh
>       exec /bin/sh script 1 2

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