vincenzo romero wrote:
Thank you for the input from a couple of folks.  After a few research
and readings I am able to boot off a diskless client; and have a
little error encountered.  To clarify the environment:

1.  PXE/DHCP/NFS/TFTP servers is a linux host
2.  DHCP - server - dhcpd.conf file shows the following: (for my
freeBSD diskless client testing scenario)

filename "pxeboot";
option root-path "";

-- pxeboot is the freeBSD /boot/pxeboot file I copied over to my
/tftpboot directory.
-- next server IP is the PXE/TFTPD/DHCP server ...
-- the NFS root is exported by the NFS server as such.

.... The client seems to boot properly - acquires an IP address;
downloads and reads the /tftpboot/pxeboot file;  .... a message also
appears that indicates it mounted the root File system: (snippet of
console messages:)

nfe0:  link state change to UP
Interface nfe0 IP_Address ... . . . . ..
Loading Configuration files.
rc.conf:  not found
No Suitable dump device was found .

Did you modify rc.conf, fstab and resolv.conf as described in And what's hiding behind "etc. etc."?

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