On Monday 03 March 2008, Mark Ovens wrote:

> Which leads me to ask if there are likely to be any issues with
> dual-booting 6.3-STABLE (as of ~1 month ago) and 7.0-RELEASE? I vaguely
> recall from way back there being issues with dual-booting multiple
> versions of FreeBSD.

That's what I'm currently doing. No problems ... yet.

I've only been running 7.0 alongside 6.3 for a couple of days so far but I've 
previously had 6.2 and 6.3 happily living side by side for some time without 

> Maybe that was when trying to install both in the same slice?
> Mine will be installed on separate hard disks.

I'm using 2 different slices on the same drive.

> The only thing I could 
> think may possibly be an issue is the FreeBSD Boot Manager.

I'm using grub so perhaps I'm a bit safer in that respect.

Mike Clarke
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