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Perhaps someone has a better suggestion for you, but I had a similar issue with regard to installing VMware Tools. In my case, I symlinked linked to, and the VMware Tools installation proceeded.

Like Kris said, not really good. An option may be, if you want to limit your
exposure to compatibility issues, is to use libmap.conf , so you only map as .5 ONLY for certain executables/libraries that depend on them.

I find it this method a much better one to managed - one central place to
manage library tricks, and is more advanced than symlinking. And you can
easily transfer it to other systems

Umm... Using libmap.conf in this way is functionally equivalent to
sym-linking the shlibs and is just as evil.  If an app needs
then the only correct answer is to give it by installing

libmap.conf has its uses, but one of the primary reasons for having it
-- switching between different threading implementations -- is a non-issue
on 7.0 where you get libthr style threads as standard.  I think there
may be one or two ports that advise you to make specific libmap.conf
settings, but unless you've installed one of those, you really should
not need a libmap.conf at all.



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