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Kevin Kinsey wrote:
Kris Kennaway wrote:
Kevin Kinsey wrote:

What about strings /boot/kernel/kernel | grep 6.2-RELEASE?

As I would expect, it returns nothing at all.

Your problem makes no sense then :) The kern.osrelease returns a string compiled into the kernel (see conf/newvers.sh), so if it returns 6.2-RELEASE then that string must be present.


So, have you checked to make sure your uname is accurate and not just an echoing shell script of sorts? You never know, maybe someone hijacked your uname before you upgraded and the hijacked version wasn't written properly(which is odd since it's BSD licensed, where if it were GPL they'd have to release the code for their evil uname so can't use a GPL version).

You could try greping over the entire filesystem for 6.2-RELEASE to find out where it could be coming from. Depending on the setup of your system, you could try zeroing all the spare blocks(I imagine `dd if=/dev/zero of=zero` would do the trick) and then seeing if the string's from some really hidden file.

So many ways to have fun, but I don't want to be in your shoes.

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