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> Umm... Using libmap.conf in this way is functionally equivalent to
> sym-linking the shlibs and is just as evil.  If an app needs libc.so.5
> then the only correct answer is to give it libc.so.5 by installing
> compat5x.

of course it is as evil if do it carelessly, but it's a more controlled
sym-linking of forms, as you can tell it that a certain symlink only applies to
one application and not all of them. probably doesn't really apply to this
example, but, from my experience, it is far better than symlinking.

> libmap.conf has its uses, but one of the primary reasons for having it
> -- switching between different threading implementations -- is a non-issue
> on 7.0 where you get libthr style threads as standard.  I think there
> may be one or two ports that advise you to make specific libmap.conf
> settings, but unless you've installed one of those, you really should
> not need a libmap.conf at all.

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