On Sun, 9 Feb 2003, Bill Moran wrote:

> Subject says most of it.
> I looked, but the CVS website doesn't seem to have a question@
> type mailing list.
> I can't figure out branching to save my life.

Heh, that's generally everyone's feeling when they first see it.

I generally recommend the "open" CVS book (as opposed to Cederqvist):

it's available online in HTML and has such useful stuff as "a day in the
life of..." and command-line reipies to do general bits and pieces.

The diagrams are ascii art but effective.


PS. You'll probably find that a whiteboard map plus deciding how you're
going to set up your branches for a particular project vital. Doing "ad
hoc" branches is ok once you get the hang of things but frankly having a
consistent naming strategy at the outset is a lifesaver.

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