Thanks a lot again.

There are running some application has been built using PHP in this web box. Also need a small mail system and mysql for a game server that running on a win2003 machine.
Maybe I need to upgrade the memory to 8G.


On Thu, 06 Mar 2008 18:07:05 +0800, Ivan Voras <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

刘伟南 wrote:
Hi guys,

I'm a freshman man here. Please do not mind my silly questions.

I am ready to install a web server, the main hardwares are as follows:
CPU 4-core xeon 5410 * 2
MEM kingston 2G EEC FBD667 * 2
HD ST146G SAS 15K * 1

I have several questions.
Which platform should I chooses? amd64 or i386?

Unless you need software that doesn't work on i386, you should install

Is 4G memory enough for 2000 people online?

This is very much dependent on what will the server actually do. For a
simple web (PHP?) application, yes. For a very complex web application,
no. You probably also need a database there, and that will complicate

If you have others suggestions please tell me.
Thanks in advance.

I suppose the disk drive specification is a placeholder - you'll
probably need many more drives in real deployment.

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