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Hi guys,

I'm a freshman man here. Please do not mind my silly questions.

I am ready to install a web server, the main hardwares are as follows:
CPU 4-core xeon 5410 * 2
MEM kingston 2G EEC FBD667 * 2
HD ST146G SAS 15K * 1

I have several questions.
Which platform should I chooses? amd64 or i386?


Definitely not.

Is 4G memory enough for 2000 people online?

Depends on what you're doing.  Should be for most cases.

With 4G of memory i386 really isn't a choice. Unless you feel adventurous and want to try PAE. I'd stick with amd64. All the webserver stuff works fine there and it allows you to extend the memory later on if the need arises.
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