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> Does freebsd support features like shared folders, calendars, as MS exchange
> Server does?

FreeBSD is neither a IMAP server, nor a calendar server.  It has a built-
in file server, but I don't expect that's what you mean by "shared folders"

> I use Windows and Exchange Server in LAN, but for extranet, the mail and
> web-aplications are running under Freebsd.
> It'd be great to have posibilities to build exchange like system on freebsd
> and sendmail.

They exist.

> Did anyone hear something about exchange-like soft under freebsd?

Exchange isn't really "software".  It's more like a bajillion different
softwares all bundled into one.  If you define what you want more clearly,
you'll have better luck finding it.

Some hints:
There are multiple webmail ports:

Horde/IMP and Squirrelmail are probably the best known.

iCal stuff can be enabled by adding a WebDAV enabled web server.  Apache
can do this.

You can create shared email folders using IMAP.  The logistics of this
depend on the specific IMAP server you're using.

Bill Moran
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