Just to clarify about my messages.

I didn't intend to spam the list,there was a problem a problem with our mail-server.
At first ,after the registation, I sent the first message, since I didn't see the 
message on the list i though about a problem with my mail client so i fixed it and 
tried again.
But , again, I couldn't see my message so I began to trouble-shoot mail server.
It turned out to be a problem about reverse-resolution of our IP addresses.... there 
was not reverse-resolution:(
In fact it seems that the MailServer at FreeBSD.org is a  little bit 'susceptible' 
about that while other aren't.
So I fixed it, I waited a day and sent the message again ....and again it didn't work.
Now the problem was about the hostname sent in the 'HELO' ,our mail server sent the 
'internal' hostname, that , of course,  isn't resolved by our external DNS ...
I know this is a configuration problem of our mailserver but I couldn't help it since 
I'm not the mail administrator of my provider,so I tricked our external DNS to resolve 
also some internal names..
And finally it worked... but I didn't know that my previuos messages were queued.. and 
as soon as the service became available they were sent. :(

So, i didn't send many times the same message on pourpose ... it was not intended, 
neverthless I regret my mistake, and apologize to anyone who feels offended by that.

Sorry.It won't happen again.

P.S. I apologize also for my bad english...

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