Patrick C wrote:
I am having issues getting a new machine with 7 to reboot and power
down. The machine uses a SuperMicro X7DCL-3 and there are two
quad-core processors installed. Upon issuing a reboot or power off,
the machine hangs immediately after displaying the "Uptime" statement.

I have tried disabling ACPI in the BIOS (FreeBSD can't allocate
interrupts for any of the devices then) and all the sysctl's you'd
guess... hw.syscons.kbd_reboot, hw.acpi.disable_on_eboot,
hw.acpi.handle_reboot. The same effect was noticed with

dmesg is here:
kerenl configuration is here:

I have an ACPI dump generated if someone wants it. We have two of
these systems and are getting more and it would be a big issue if we
couldn't reboot them.


Some machines generate an SMI during the shutdown of the USB controller if legacy USB support is enabled. Unfortunately the only way to test if this is the problem is if you can access the machine using a PS/2 keyboard or a serial port (with a BIOS accessible over serial as well) since once you disable legacy USB support a USB keyboard won't function until after FreeBSD has booted.


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