On 2008-03-08 09:32, Don Wilde <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello, all -
> When building a port, specifically in this case qdvdauthor, I run into a
> setup issue that makes me want to redo the configuration  of the port. Is
> there a simple way to disable the use of the saved configuration and
> restart the port from the CURSES menu?
> I was able to blast it  by wiping the makefile and re-CVSupping, but that
> does seem like the long way 'round.

Yes, there is a simpler way.

        make rmconfig

You can recursively remote the stored configuration of the current port
and *all* its dependencies too, by using:

        make rmconfig-recursive

The `rmconfig' target should be documented already in your `ports'
manpage.  If you don't see it described in the output of `man ports',
then it's a documentation bug.  In that case, let us know, so we can
fix the manpage :)


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