At 08:17 AM 3/10/2008, Robert Huff wrote:
Derek Ragona writes:

> > > My FreeBSD 6.2 doesn't change to Daylight Saving Time. How should I fix
>  > >  it?
>  >
>  >         I'm having the same problem with -CURRENT.  I have updated the
>  >zoneinfo files (using misc/zoneinfo) and (re-)run tzsetup, but am
>  >still a hour behind.
>  >
>  >
>  >                         Robert Huff
>  Are you running ntpd?

        I am.
        (If it matters, I have rebooted the system since updating the
tz files/settings.)

                                Robert Huff

Have you checked the ntpd log file for errors, and verified it is running. Often ntpd won't reset the time if the delta is too large, and you have to stop nrpd and run ntpdate instead, then start ntpd.


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