>From: Doug Poland
>Jack L. Stone said:
>>> At 11:19 AM 2.10.2003 -0500, Dave [Hawk-Systems] wrote:
>>> Without dumping to perl or another external language, would like
>>> to accomplish the following;
>>>     #cp /path/to/file.conf /path/to/file.conf.20030210
>>> I almost want to say this could be done with something simple
>>> like
>>>     #cp /path/to/file.conf /path/to/file.conf.$DATE
>> If you use "date" as follows, it will take it out to the month,
>> day, hour and minute
>> cp ../file.conf`date +".%m.%d.%H.%M"`
>> ...will give:
>> file.conf.
>I suggest spending an hour or two learning RCS.  You'll have
>history, rollback, tags, and much more with a real revision control
>system.  RCS is not at all hard to learn with basic checkin (ci)
>checkout (co)
>and diff (rcsdiff) commands.  Any time you spend learning RCS will
>help if you later have to move to CVS for a distributed solution.

Thanks to both for the solutions...

The short-term fix by Jack is exactly what I was looking for...  but for long
term use I really like the potential that RCS has (was never aware that function
existed).  Will definately be spending some time with that and likely be moving
to that in the future.

Thanks again.


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