All aliases on the same subnet need to use a netmask of, as
described in the ifconfig man page.

This is what you should be doing:

ifconfig_xl0="inet 129.x.x.35 netmask"
ifconfig_xl0_alias0="inet 129.x.x.6 netmask"
ifconfig_xl0_alias1="inet 129.x.x.5 netmask"


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Subject: rc.conf syntax for ip alias on external nic


i have the following lines in my rc.conf, and i was wondering if my syntax
was ok:

#here, i'm setting the ip/subnet mask for outside nic interface for a dual
homed gateway box
ifconfig_xl0="inet 129.x.x.35 netmask"

#declaring three network interfaces - outside nic interface for gateway,
internal interface for private subnet, and loopback
network_interfaces="xl0 xl1 lo0"

#not sure about the following lines: trying to alias two public ip's to the
outside nic interface for the gateway.  the gateway will use ipnat to nat
these public ip's to two internal client machines hooked up to the internal
interface - xl1- of the gateway box
ifconfig_xl0_alias0="inet 129.x.x.6 netmask"
ifconfig_xl0_alias1="inet 129.x.x.5 netmask"

#inside nic of gateway box
ifconfig_xl1="inet netmask"

i'm having trouble i think with the two aliases to the outside nic of the
gateway.  it works fine when i have only one client hooked up to the
gateway, but when i have both clients hooked up to the gateway through a
hub, i have problems - mainly, i reboot both machines, and one machine
usually freezes on reboot.

any advice would be really appreciated


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