I am getting an error message when using the hp-toolbox (print/hplip)
version 2.7.12 on a FreeBSD-6.3 machine. When I start the program, this
is displayed:

Mar 10 16:49:57 scorpio python: hp-toolbox[35348]: error: Invalid
locale: C.utf8

Next, when I click on the 'Send FAX' button, this is displayed:

Mar 10 16:50:51 scorpio python: hp-fab[35369]: error: Invalid locale:
Mar 10 16:51:10 scorpio python: hp-fab[35371]: error: Invalid
locale: C.utf8

In any case, the message is faxed correctly, so I assume that the error
message is really just a warning. Is there anything that I can do to
correct this problem or should I just ignore it?



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