Mike Clarke wrote:
On Wednesday 12 March 2008, dajaasge wrote:

As a relatively inexperienced user of FreeBSD I have little input to offer
  the community as a whole save to suggest that offering a DVD iso image
from which to install would save the sometimes extreme tediousness of disc
swapping when adding packages. If I knew more about it I would make such an
image myself, however, having never had to do it before it is something I
will have to pen in for a later time.

Creating a DVD from the official FreeBSD CD isos (disc[1-3]) is quite straightforward. Take a look at the instructions on <http://www.pa.msu.edu/~tigner/bsddvd.html>. It describes creating a DVD from a 2 CD set but the process is the same for 3, just include an extra step to mount and copy disc3 in the same way as he describes disc2, then continue with the instructions for disc2 and disc1 in that order.

Or, if for some reason you don't want to build it yourself, download this torrent:

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