Paul A. Procacci wrote:
Victor Farah wrote:
I'm running qmail and I created an smtproutes file, inside my /var/qmail/control/ directory. I then sent a killall -ALRM qmail-send, but it doesn't seem like it uses that smtproutes file I made. I start qmail using supervise scripts.


This isn't the right place to ask this question. Irregardless of that, since you are using supervise to manage the daemon, try the following:

svc -h /path/to/service/directory


svc -a /path/to/service/directory

I Agree, this would be better posted to a qmail list, but anyway:

I think -ALRM tells qmail to re-run the queue, what you need is to send a HUP signal to the qmail-send, like "pkill -HUP qmail-send", so it will read the control files again.
Have you read the Life With Qmail docs?

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